Wednesday, 12 October 2016

National Wool Week 10th -16th October 2016

Nest Your Kindness
Wet & dry felted local flock fleece

Carrie Scott Huby
weaver of image, process & story

National Wool Week 10th - 16th October 2016.
Support British Wool.
Ware clothes to last.
Love your wool.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

20:20 Print Exchange October 2016

 Artist proof, 20:20 print   live,love
lino cut print on re-claimed paper, The Royal British Legion paper.

Artist proof live,love on re-claimed paper

lino cut print live,love
Lino curt print for 20:20 Print Exchange Hot Bed Press Manchester. The print studio I am a member of is The Art House, Wakefield.
I love drawing, layering and working with the process of chance! 
I use industrially printed papers which promote charities, mainly the cause to invoke the notions of giving out kindness out in the world.
Carrie Scott Huby

weaving image, process & story

Monday, 19 September 2016

home vintage

Panda, I received from father Christmas at my dad's works Christmas Party.
What joy!  He's awe bare in places & recently had to re-attach his nose, plus make him a dashing re-claimed wool collar, also to keep his neck from wobbling!  But he's just as loved. He is languishing on my families welsh blanket heir loom.

Monday, 25 July 2016

BELONG Installation preparations for Wakefield Artwalk 27th July 2016

Studio:  new artist books & book art  for BELONG Installation at Westgate Chapel for Wakefield Artwalk on Wednesday 27th July 2016.
The book art is inspired by the 'Words Are Not Enough' collaboration I took part in earlier in the year. The audience were invited to take a boo/s away with them. I was instantly attracted to a book cover as it was a mirror image
pictorial cover devoid of words. I loved it.
And so it slowly evolved and transformed in my studio.
I have for as long as I can remember had an strong pull towards old, discarded things. Creatively I love the challenge of working with something a bit awkward, seeing the beauty.
The  military weapons belt I have had for many years, I thought it looked useful for when I was out sketching it could house my art materials... making peace not war!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Felt & Paper developments for insitu solo exhibition at Wakefield Chapel 27th july 2016.

Layering & binding on going narrations of 'nesting kindness' through the mediums of re-claimed animal welfare paper, print, hessian & local flock fleece.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Print & Felt thoughts of Grandfather, War & the Military

Print on reclaimed industrial felt
Getting work ready for solo exhibition as part of Wakefield Artwalk  27th July 2016 at Westgate Chapel, WF1.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Somme 100 1st July 20016

My Grandfather stood on the right. I thought he was an old, old man. He was 22 when he fought at the SommeUnknown compatriot. Charred, blackened, decimated tree.
The above images are from Silent Witness, a seminal project which I began during Artist in Residence 2012.  From a young I have been intrigued by the photograph of my Grandfather. Being given little information about him. All I understood was that that he fought in the First World War, which as a small child seemed such a long time ago.  His face in the photograph has carried with me through my life.  My grandfather died when I was a few months old. Being mustard gassed in WW1 contributed to his death.

Somme 100

My Grandfather was a TA.

My grandfather fought with the DLI.

My grandfather was gassed.

My grandfather was a stretcher bearer.

My grandfather was buried alive for three days.

My grandfather was saved by Canadian Troops.

My grandfather came home.


The war continues.


May we all move forward with a patient mind.

May we all move forward with a gentle heart.

May we be united in truth.

May we be united in peace.

May find stillness still with love.